Luxel+ The Luxel+ has been refined over the past 50 years to what it is today, our flagship passive dosimeter and best seller. Luxel+ dosimeters provide X-ray, beta and gamma radiation monitoring and are the only passive personal monitoring device in Australia to utilize AlO3:C Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) technology.

Saturn Ring, Tld

Saturn Ring

Landauer’s new Saturn Ring is the next evolution in TLD based extremity radiation monitoring. The Saturn ring has been redesigned from the ground up, using new materials making it superior in fit and comfort compared to current TLD Ring dosimeters. The new one piece hermetically sealed design allows for superior hygiene and sterilization procedures. Each Saturn ring has a laser etched 2D barcode for easy identification. The fit and finish are not the only changes made to the new Saturn ring, the minimal reportable dose has been reduced form 0.3 mSv to 0.1 mSv.

Vision - Eye Ring

Vision Eye Ring

The Vision Eye Dosimeter is the latest product from Landauer which is designed to provide a monitoring solution for the eyes following the lowering of the dose limit by the ICRP. Vision is compliant under the IEC 62387-1:2012 standard and uses a TLD chip with a minimum reporting value of 0.1 mSv. The dosimeter is light, compact and does not impede the participant’s activity and view. It has a very flexible design and is very adaptable for all monitoring situations. Vision has also been designed for maximum hygiene and can be easily cleaned and disinfected. For anyone considering Eye Monitoring, Vision is considered to be an optimal solution.


Nuetral Pouch

The Neutrak 144 – J, detectors are based on solid-state nuclear track detector technology. The neutron detector is comprised of a small piece of poly-allyl diglycol carbonate, more commonly known as CR-39. This detector uses a polyethylene radiator for fast neutrons. Neutrak measures exposures to intermediate and fast neutrons (40 keV – 40 MeV) and is not sensitive to X-ray, beta or gamma radiation. The Neutrak dosimeter can be used by itself or in combination with the Luxel+ dosimeter.

Thermal Neutron

Nuetral Pouch

The Neutrak 144 – T, thermal detector was developed to add thermal neutron detection to the Neutrak line up (Thermal to 40 MeV). The detector uses the same CR-39 detector as in the standard Neutrak dosimeter however, half of the detector is covered with a polyethylene radiator for fast neutrons and the other half is covered with a boron loaded Teflon radiator which records the alpha particles that are produced by the interaction of the thermal neutrons and the boron. Just like the Neutrak neutron detector the thermal detector can be used on its own or in combination with a Luxel+ dosimeter.



inLight dosimeters are part of Landauers “on site” dosimetry monitoring ecosystem and are specifically designed to be read with either an A200, A500 inLight or microStar reader. These dosimeters utilize the same OSL technology found in our flagship Luxel+ dosimeters. inLight dosimeters are sensitive to X-ray, beta and gamma radiation. The inLight dosimeters can be combined with a 2D imaging chip and a Neutrak neutron detector for additional functionality.